How to Please Your Boyfriend – How Do I Please a Boyfriend

Ask any woman how to please your boyfriend and she will tell you to give him great sex great. The answer is correct but it matters in different spheres. Sex along cannot make a man happy forever there is more into that. Sex will make him happy at that moment and what happens after that? If you are among the many who ask ‘how can I please my boyfriend?’ The best ways to do so are covered in this article.

The bedroom is one room where you can please your boyfriend but it is not absolute. It will work for freshly married people or a boyfriend and girlfriend who have just began having sex.

There is much into how to please a boyfriend or ‘how to I please a boyfriend’ than you can imagine of. As a good girl, it is your responsibility to carefully study your boyfriend and know the things that make your boyfriend happy. If you know the thing that please your boyfriend the rest will be putting them into practice and your relationship will be a honeymoon that does not end.  The tips on how to please your boyfriend covered in this work have considered what you can do away from sex to make your boyfriend pleased by you.

How to Please Your Boyfriend

How to Please Your Boyfriend

Be positive to his suggesting – The first tip on how to please your boyfriend is to be positive to what he says. Even if you do not agreed, you could still be against it in a positive way supported by a good reason. This interaction counts a lot because your boyfriend cannot be pleased by you if you are ever negative to his suggestions and ideas.

Consult Him what to cook – if you are the one who cooks for your boyfriend, there is something little you could do to please him. Just give him a call during the day and get to know what he would like to have for dinner. He might request to call back and let you know. The moment you know, try your cooking expertise to rival the restaurants he normally eats. He will then always want to eat your food. This is very simple tip to please your boyfriend that most women do not wish to practice.

Joint social activities – Your boyfriend will be very pleased by you if you went with him to social activities. Choose activities which both of you enjoy like swimming, camping, and so on. When with friends, be carried by his jokes. Many boyfriends and men in general get very pleased whey they make other people to laugh. Is doing all this too much if you truly want to please your boyfriend?

Surprise him with a refreshment or snack – While he is in the garage or garden, you can surprise him with snacks and refreshment. He will surely give you a kiss meaning you have pleased him. Be very supportive as he utilizes his craftiness around the house and let him know you appreciate all that he is doing. Is this tip on how to please your boyfriend impossibility? I do not think so. You can do better than what you are doing to please your boyfriend. There is a reward when you try to please you boyfriend.

Support His Hobbies and Interests – though people might be having different hobbies, there is a need to support one another. Ensure you also support your boyfriend in his hobbies. If he loves going to the gym, occasionally go with him and give him company. Complement him on what he has achieved so far from the gym. Remember how to please your boyfriend is all about doing the small things that will take him by surprise.Buy Him Something simple – Going on with the important tips on how to please your boyfriend, you should buy him something to put on. A shirt or a boxer will do well. When you go to the movie shop, get a movie you think he likes. Also get him a CD album which he has been planning but not yet purchased. These little things are going to not only please your boyfriend by stun him completely.

Remain the Hottie He Chose – Though you have been together for sometime, to continue pleasing your boyfriend, remain hot and up to date. If you became sluggish in your style just after who have met him, he might not say anything to avoid hurting you but he is not pleased with you.

How to please your boyfriend is not so difficult. Just make these practices we have discussed in this article your habit and you have him for yourself always. You will not continue asking your girlfriends ‘how can I please my boyfriend’ again and again because he will be already very excited and happy. Is your boyfriend happy? Learn how to make your boyfriend happy today.


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