Kindle wireless Reader – Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device; Free 3G, 9.7″ Display

Are you looking for a good kindle wireless reader? You should try the Kindle DX wireless reading device. In this review about the kindle wireless reader, you are going to cover the features that this kindle reader has, its pros, cons and customer reviews. You need to read this Kindle Wireless reader review before you buy one. 

Kindle DX is a sleek and lightweight book reader, which has an internal storage of 4 GB. It is the ideal gadget for downloading and storing e-books, magazines and news. Kindle DX has a larger viewing size (9.7 inches) than the other Kindle which provides more convenience when reading especially when viewing maps, tables and charts. It has a long battery life, which could last for up to 7 days depending on the usage. The display of Kindle wireless DX is very sharp, defined, and glare free which makes the pictures easy to see and words easy to read. One great thing about Kindle wireless DX is that it’s WIFI ready not just when you’re in the US but even in different countries. This great mazon product is available in color gray.

Features the Kindle Wireless Reader

Kindle wireless Reader - Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device; Free 3G, 9.7" Display

Kindle wireless Reader – Kindle DX Wireless Reading Device; Free 3G, 9.7″ Display

Kindle wireless DX is an ideal gadget for bookworms who can’t live without their books or documents. Its lightweight feature makes it easy for the consumers to carry it anywhere they go. It is WIFI ready, which allows you to buy or download e-books right away without connecting it to personal computers. Its wide display makes reading more convenient for the consumers.

The Pros Kindle Wireless Reader

Since Kindle wireless DX comes in color gray, it’s not prone to being dirty. It’s so light weight which makes it very convenient and easy to use. It also has a long battery life, which allows you to enjoy reading for a longer period of time. It’s WIFI ready so you can connect to the internet right away and order e-books when you want it even without needing a desktop computer or a laptop. Download where you want and when you want! The resolution is more vivid compared to other e-book readers.

The Cons Kindle Wireless Reader

Kindle DX is a bit bigger and heavier than other e-book readers are. The price is also a bit more than other kindle book readers are.

Reviews of the Kindle Wireless Reader

I am a person who loves to travel and whenever I do, I always bring my books with me. I am fond of reading love stories and I can’t last a day without reading even just few chapters before I sleep or when I wake up in the morning while having a cup of coffee. When travelling, I usually pay extra for excess baggage because aside from my clothes, I bring with me some of my books, which make my luggage a lot heavier.

Aside from the inconvenience of having to pay extra, it’s also hard to carry heavy books around whenever I’m travelling. But since I really love reading, I didn’t mind. This is before my friend (who happens to be a bookworm too like me), told me about Kindle wireless DX. She said that this gadget made her life a lot more comfortable. At first, I was hesitant but I bought one eventually.

I never realized what I was missing until I bought Kindle DX. It’s sleek and lightweight design allows me to read my favorite authors’ new book releases without having the hassle of carrying heavy loads. I also won’t have to worry about the new releases being sold out in the book stores since I can easily download e-books anytime and anywhere I am. I love my Kindle wireless DX and I don’t regret buying it.

I hope you Kindle wireless reader review has been of help to you. Thank you for reading my article.

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